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Grey Ghost 1

Oby Agu walked into the conference room wearing an armor of confidence.

 Though she was appalled by SHRIKE's attack at the children's hospital early that morning, she had to acknowledge the fact that it has made the council more inclined to grant the required authorization to proceed with the Genesis project.

All it took was a few minutes of diplomatically reminding the council of the day's attacks and strongly pointing out that the  immense loss of SAALT operatives in today's attack would have been avoided if they had greenlit the project beforehand and She entered SAALT's secret laboratory waving the authorization papers at Adegbami, the lead scientist of the Genesis project.

"Wow! The shamblers really have them scared, don't they?" the scientist asked.

"As they should." Oby replied.

"True. True." Adegbami muttered. His brow was already furrowed as he immediately got to work prepping the machine for its first human subject.

Oby …

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